Friday 15 November 2013


SEO is  a nightmare if ever you try to rank your site on google or any other search engines you will know exactly what I mean. There are a lot of dos and dont s when it comes to seo.. basically trying to make your website rank in the search engines is against them you must naturally only link to sites that are helpful to users and not to improve rankings... but because people never link to sites that they dont know about.. like being at the bottom of search engine results anyway getting links the natural way is really tough as you require at least some traffic in the first place.. but the morons who run the search engines really fail to see this and think that websites naturally gain links as if by magic.. well this is true but only for super big websites that I have already explained.. already have traffic. Getting intial traffic is hard and usually some people try social media to do this.. but how many of your friends have website tha they will use to link your site if they like something you link to? not many I assume... plus social media links are no follow so even if people start sharing your stuff on social media sites.. you may get some social media traffic but not much gain (if any at all) in search engine rankings. The only people to win in the search engine game are the big sites with hundreds of millions of links.. take amazon they rank for absolutely everything even though they aren't the best results that for most queries they rank for... but search engines of course like filling up the search results with these big sites as it means that people will have to buy ads! Anyway I think that to be a success on the internet forget about search engines all together! If you dont believe a word that I have said in the post why not read this newspaper article written on india daily...See I am right!

Google glass is it any good?

 (I dont know when it is goign to be released to the public but I think it is goign to be relased very soon.)
I was thinking about buying a google glass but after reading this review on google glass now im not quite sure. I was reading that review on google glass and it raised some health concerns about the long term effects it could have by wearing something so close to your brain that is always transmitting wifi signals and whatnot.. surely this is a really bad idea right.. Plus it also mention how it can strain your eyes a bit like being glues to the television... that cant be good can it.. I already have poor eyesight anyway I dont want worse eyesight. And finally a another point that same review mentions is the fact that google will be able to much easily spy on everything you do now... your like a walking cctv camera! Oh dear! Actually whilst writing this little post on google glass I think i have actually talked myself out of buying one... I cannot risk it.. and it is meant to be very expensive isn't it.. hmmm nah not for me I dont think. I dont even think you can play games on it well im not sure to be honest.. if you can play game on the google glass or not but I dont think il bother finding out I dont want a tumor after wearing one. Oh yeah another point raised was the fact that you look a bit odd walking around with the google glass on because you look like you are desperate to always be connected to the internet as india daily put it.... what do you think? Has anyone got any thoughts on the google glass...? Comment below if you do...